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Leads2Me is your indispensable tool to kickstart your sales. Don't have leads? Use our database search to generate quality leads that match your criteria.
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What is Leads2Me?
A contact search database designed to satisfy your needs for leads.
Sales Leads

Each contact is provided with the most recent contact number for your promotion and marketing campaign.

Property Listing

Our contacts list shows the property address linked to the contact. Agents can build real estate buyers or owners list for their prospecting.

Identity Verification

Verify whether a person is who he says he is. Cross-check name, NRIC no., mobile no. and home address.

Check Out Your Friend

If you have your friend's mobile number, you will find much more information about them!

Credit Plans
Choose what's best for you
(1 credit)
MYR 5 per contact
MYR 5.00

Gets you started with the lowest entry cost.
Suitable for those who are just starting with our service.

(50 credits)
MYR 3.00 per contact
MYR 150.00
MYR175.00 MYR25 off!

Best value for money offering maximum contacts for work or business. Recommended for sales professionals who need leads on a regular basis.

Need a custom plan?

Contact our sales for bulk purchase of 500 contacts and above. We can also create prepaid accounts for corporate customer.

Why Leads2Me?
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Indeed.
Top Quality Leads
The information in our database contains up-to-date data of real people and real contacts. You have unlimited search and preview. Pick and choose only those contacts matching your criteria.
Fully Online
We provide a fully online tool for your leads search, selection and you can download the list electronically. You can also pay online using credit cards.
Friendly Support
If you need any help in the lead generation process, we are always happy to assist. Support by our friendly staff is just a click away.
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